Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

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Hooked The Watcher Part 2 Full Story

Unknown Are you frightened little girl?
Unknown It’s all right if you are
Unknown Fear is a good thing
Unknown Will you answer me?
Unknown Or are we playing a game?
Unknown Hide and seek maybe?
Unknown Chloe?
Chloe How do you know my name?
Unknown I was sent to find you
Unknown For that I needed a name
Chloe Who sent you ?
Unknown Something you never want to meet
Unknown Trust me
Chloe I don’t
Unknown Probably a smart way to begin
Unknown You must be a clever one
Chloe Maybe
Unknown And yet you trust your father
Unknown That’s a curious thing
Chloe Why is that?
Unknown Because he can’t be trusted
Unknown He lies and he deceives
Unknown And he can be unimaginably cruel
Chloe How are you reading our texts?
Unknown I’m not.But o know your father
Unknown I have for a long time
Unknown Come out,Chloe
Unknown We’ll get to know each other too
Chloe Not a chance
Unknown I won’t harm you
Chloe Yeah right
Unknown More importantly
Unknown No,MOST importantly…
Unknown I’ll never lie to you,Chloe
Unknown If you catch me in a lie…
Unknown I have to grant you a wish
Unknown Anything you wish
Unknown Like a fairy tale
Chloe More like a nightmare
Unknown And yet it’s really happening
Chloe This is absurd
Unknown I know
Unknown But it’s true
Chloe You expect me to believe you?
Unknown You mistrust is misplaced
Chloe Go to hell
Unknown I’ve been.Many times
Unknown Hell on earth that is
Chloe What do you want?
Unknown Who said I wanted anything?
Chloe My dad
Chloe He said you’re here to take me
Unknown I’m here to play
Unknown Do you like riddles?
Chloe No
Unknown Too bad.Because I have one
Unknown Answer it correctly…
Unknown and I’ll answer a question of yours
Chloe Save it for the police
Chloe They’re on their way here
Unknown If you say no
Unknown Here goes…
Unknown A man receives a call at work…
Unknown informing him his wife has been killed
Unknown The police ask him to come identify the body
Unknown So the man gets in his car…
Unknown and drives to the crime scene…
Unknown where he is arrested for murder
Unknown why?
Chloe That’s easy
Chloe The only way he’d know where she died
Chloe is if he killed her
Unknown Very good
Unknown Let’s hope you get your brains…
Unknown from your father
Chloe What does that mean?
Unknown Is that your question to me?
Chloe No
Unknown Then ask it
Chloe No
Unknown Why not?
Chloe I’m gonna save it
Unknown You can’t
Chloe You never said that
Chloe Or are we lying to each other now?
Unknown Ha!You really are a clever girl
Chloe Clever anough to avoid you
Unknown Hardly
Unknown I know where you are
Chloe So come get me
Unknown Who said I want you ?
Chloe I told you.My dad did
Chloe He’s a good man,by the way
Unknown He was a good man
Unknown Decades ago
Unknown Before he became filthy rich
Unknown Now he’s one of the most…
Unknown Deplorable humans alive
Chloe No.He’s still good
Unknown You see what you want to see
Unknown Like all humans
Chloe So you’re not human?
Unknown I’m a Watcher
Chloe That’s why you stand in people’s yards…
Chloe staring at children through windows?
Unknown Yes
Chloe You’re a creep
Unknown YES
Chloe You’re a monster
Unknown Right again
Chloe I don’t believe you
Unknown You should
Unknown The world is filled with monsters
Unknown Ghosts and Goblins and Witches
Unknown Watchers,Snatchers and killers
Chloe Yeah right
Chloe you may look like something
Chloe from a Grimm fairy tale
Chloe But I think you’re nothing more than a…
Chloe deformed lunatic who likes little children
Unknown They are rather tasty.The little ones
Chloe You’re sick
Unknown Society is out of balance
Unknown The filthy rich elite…
Unknown enslave the poor masses
Unknown Parents care more about social status
Unknown and bank balances
Unknown Than about their children
Unknown The world has come unglued again
Unknown And it’s always the children who pay
Chloe That’s bleak
Unknown It is
Unknown But that is when we rise…
Unknown And set things right
Chloe We?
Unknown We are the stuff of nightmares…
Unknown and legends
Unknown When humanity becomes sickly…
Unknown We intervene
Chloe Intervene how?
Unknown Thousands of times over the millenia…
Unknown We’ve climbed up…
Unknown from the dark places of the earth…
Unknown to make things better
Chloe You think snatching little kids…
Chloe from their families makes things better?
Unknown I know it does
Unknown That’s how we restore balance to the world
Unknown we terrify humans into being good…
Unknown by removing what they cherish most…
Chloe Their children?
Unknown No
Unknown The myth that they are in control
Unknown The misguided beliefe…
Unknown that there are no consequences…
Unknown that there are no monsters hiding…
Unknown in your closets and under your beds
Chloe Because there aren’t
Unknown Really?
Unknown Where do you think al your grim dark fairy tales come from?
Chloe People’s imaginations
Unknown You have no imagination
Unknown It’s why you chose to hide…
Unknown in the same place you always hide
Unknown In the farthest corner…
Unknown of that dank dark basement…
Unknown behind the piano
Unknown beneath a musty old blanket
Chloe You’re wrong
Unknown Are we going to lie to each other now?
Unknown Because earlier…
Unknown when I walked past you…
Unknown I could hear your very heart…
Unknown beating like a drum,Chloe…
Chloe Jesus,what are you ?
Unknown I told you
Unknown I’m the nasty little thing…
Unknown that lurks in the shadows
Unknown That peeks though children’s window
Unknown I’m the footsteps in the darkness
Unknown When you thing no one is there
Unknown I am the harbinger…
Unknown of the coming Age of Darkness
Chloe Please…just leave me alone
Unknown Answer another riddle and I will
Chloe I don’t believe you
Unknown You don’t have a choice
Unknown I could come down into that basement…
Unknown And rip your throat out right now
Unknown Or you could answer my riddle
Chloe Fine
Chloe What is it?
Unknown Where are the police?
Chloe What?
Unknown Your loving father…
Unknown said he called them twenty minutes ago
Unknown so…
Unknown Where are the police?
Chloe That’s not a riddle
Unknown It is puzzling no?
Chloe Yes it is
Chloe But I don’t have an answer
Unknown Then I’m coming for you now
Chloe Good
Unknown Why is that good?
Chloe Because I have a riddle for you
Unknown How fun
Unknown Fire away
Chloe Are you close?
Unknown Almost on top of you
Chloe Then why can’t you hear my heart beating now?


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Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

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Hooked The Watcher Part 1 Full Story

Dad Are you in your bedroom?
Chloe Yeah dad what’s up?
Dad Are all doors in the house locked?
Chloe I don’t know?
Chloe Aren’t you downstairs?
Dad No
Dad Listen to me very carefully?
Dad Look out your window
Dad Is there a man down there?
Chloe You’re scaring me.What’s going on?
Dad Please just look!!
Chloe OMG dad what is that?
Dad DON’T take your eyes off him Chloe!
Chloe What do you mean HIM?
Dad And if he text you DO NOT answer.Promise me!
Chloe What?Why would it text me?
Chloe Okay.But?if you’re not here?
Chloe How do you know it’s out there?
Chloe That’s not important
Dad What matters is that
Dad You keep him in your sight
Dad As long as you’re looking at him?
Dad He can’t move
Chloe That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!
Dad But it’s true
Chloe To hell with this?
Chloe I’m going to the safe room
Dad NO
Chloe WhY NOT?
Dad It’s not safe
Chloe Do you know how hard it is?
Chloe to text you and watch it!
Dad Just watch it
Dad I’m on my way home now
Chloe I don’t understand any of this!
Dad I know.I’m sorry
Dad You just have to trust me
Chloe I do.But that thing..
Dad I know it’s scary sweetheart
Chloe No it’s?
Chloe I looked away for a second
Chloe And it’s gone
Dad Are you sure?
Chloe Am I sure there’s not a?
Chloe disgusting horrific monster?
Chloe staring up at me from…
Chloe the edge of the forest right now?
Chloe Pretty positive dad!
Dad Damn it Chloe?
Dad It’s not gone
Dad It’s inside the house
Chloe It can’t be
Chloe I looked away for less than second
Chloe I would have seen it crossing they yard
Dad You don’t know this thing
Chloe And YOU do??
Chloe I want answer dad.Now!
Dad Not until you’re safe
Chloe I am. I checked all the doors?
Chloe They’re locked and the alarm is on
Chloe So what is this about?
Chloe And why didn’t you call me ?
Dad I can’t call.I’m on the train
Dad There are people around me
Chloe What does that matter?
Chloe If I’m in danger CALL ME!
Dad I’m sorry.I can’t
Chloe Then I’m calling 911
Dad I already have
Chloe Where are they then?
Dad On their way.I pomise
Chloe I can’t believe this
Dad Just hang tight.I’m with you
Chloe You’re not
Chloe And why didn’t you tell me..
Chloe you were going to the city ?
Dad What?
Chloe Why else would you be on a train?
Chloe Unless you went to the penthouse?
Chloe yo see mom
Dad I wanted to talk to her about the divorce
Dad But she wouldn’t see me
Chloe OH GOD!!
Dad What?
Chloe I just heard something slam
Dad A door?
Chloe No I think it was?
Dad What?
Chloe there’s no way that thing could?
Chloe get in through the chimney right?
Chloe it’s way too big
Dad It can do things you can’t imagin
Chloe HOW do you know?
Dad Just get out of the house
Dad Run to the neighbors
Chloe That’s a mile away!!
Chloe That thing will run me down in a heartbeat!!
Chloe I hear it coming!
Chloe I’m going to the safe room
Chloe I’m done listening to you?
Chloe Until you start explaining!!
Dad Damn it! All right!
Dad Your sister was kidapped from that room
Chloe What are you talking about?
Dad You had a sister
Chloe What?
Dad Before you were born
Dad That thing came into our house?
Dad And it took her FROM the safe room.
Chloe Is this some sort of joke?
Dad No,Chloe I’m dead serious
Dad Now please?
Dad get out of that house
Chloe Why?It’s a mansion
Chloe There are forty rooms?
Chloe lots of secret hiding spots
Dad I told you?
Dad It’s been there before
Dad It knows the house
Chloe So do you,Dad
Chloe And you could never fing me?
Chloe when we played hide and seek
Chloe that’s where I’m going
Chloe My top secret hiding spot
Dad Okay but don’t tell me where
Dad Just go there
Chloe Why?Can it read our texts?
Dad I’m not sure
Dad But somehow it knows things
Dad Things no one should know
Dad It always has
Chloe You said earlier it might text me
Chloe Does that mean it’s human?
Dad It’s not human
Dad But it lies and deceives like only we can?
Dad It can be unimaginably cruel?
Dad And it will use any means to get to you
Chloe Why?
Dad I don’t know?
Chloe You seem to know a lot about it
Chloe Except why it wants your children
Dad I told you it’s cruel
Chloe Crueler than you not telling me I had sister?
Dad It was fifteen years ago
Dad A year before you were born
Chloe I can’t believe mom never told me
Dad It was her idea not to
Chloe What? Why?
Dad because it wasn’t her daughter
Dad I had another wife
Dad Before I marries your mom
Dad Chloe?
Dad Chloe are you all right?
Chloe How the hell can I be okay?
Chloe Everything you say is a lie
Dad No one lied to you
Dad We just neve told you
Chloe I’m getting sick of asking?
Chloe Why????
Dad Because my first wife killed herself
Dad That thing took out daughter
Dad It drove my wife insane
Dad So she shot herself.OK?
Dad And I might have followed her?
Dad Had it not been for your mom
Dad She saved me from that nightmear
Dad And she wanted to spare you fromit too
Chloe Jesus
Dad I know.It was a terrible time
Dad but we got past it
Chloe No,I mean,Jesus?
Chloe I think it may have found me
Chloe Stop texting


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Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

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