Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

Below you will find the story of Hooked Where is She Part 3 Full. This is a famous app in which you can read different times of stories. Its better than losing your time in social media apps.

Hooked Where is She Part 3 Full

Mom Hold tight honey
Mom I can hear the sirens
Mom The cops are on their way
Tiffany Why can’t hear them?
tiffany Mom nothing makes sense anymore
Mom Just concentrate on staying safe
Mom Where’s Jessica?
Tiffany In the house
Tiffany I can hear her screaming
Tiffany She is just keeps saying…
Tiffany WHERE IS SHE ?
Tiffany I’m not letting her take this baby back mom!
Tiffany She is my sister mistake or not!
Mom I just got out of the cab
Mom I’m walking into the complex
Mom Tiffany pick up the phone
Mom Why aren’t you answering?
Mom I can talk now
Mom Tiffany??
Tiffany I’m here
Mom Oh thank god.I though…
Tiffany The ringing phone scared the baby
Tiffany She started crying again and Jessica ran outside
Tiffany I ran farther into the woods
Tiffany I’m hiding in the bushes by Sweetheart lake
Tiffany But I think she’s following us!
Mom Sweetheart lake…
Mom We used to picnic here as a family.
Tiffany Are you here?
Tiffany I’m afraid if I move from this spot the baby will start crying!
Tiffany Jessica is getting closer!
Mom So am I
Mom Goodness these woods bring back so many memories
Tiffany Mom now is not the time to reminisce!
Tiffany Where are the police?
Tiffany Where is dad?
Mom Soon honey soon
Tiffany I’m calling dad
Tiffany And then I’m calling the police
Tiffany I’ve had enough of this
Mom Your father isn’t going to pick up the phone
Tiffany I’m going to try anyway
Tiffany Hold on
two minutes later
Tiffany Mom…
Tiffany I just called dad…
Tiffany His phone was hidden in the baby’s blankets!
Tiffany And it’s covered in blood!!
Mom Throw it in the lake
Mom Or wait until I get there and I’ll do it.
Tiffany Why would I do that?
Tiffany Mom why is there blood on Dad’s phone?
Mom Get rid of the phone Tiffany.
Tiffany No!
Tiffany I’m worried!
Tiffany What if something happened to dad?
Mom Dad dad dad!
Mom Is that all you care about?
Mom What about me?
Mom I’m the victim here!
tiffany Mom you’re scaring me
Tiffany I’m looking in dad’s phone
Tiffany Maybe I can figure out what happened to him.
Mom Don’t look at the phone!
Mom I’m getting closer…
Mom I think I see Jessica
Tiffany I’m reading the conversation you had with dad today…
Tiffany He’s leaving you…
Tiffany He’s in love with Jessica…
Mom Your father was a fool!
Tiffany He can’t take the fighting anymore…
Tiffany He says you’ve changed…
Tiffany Mom..why did you lie to me??
Mom Because none of this involves you.
Mom Your father was making a mistake!
Tiffany Why are you talking in the past tense?
Tiffany Omg…
Tiffany There’s another tect he wrote to me…
Tiffany That was never sent
Tiffany It says he’s sorry he can’t keep the family together
Tiffany …that he thinks something is wrong with you
Tiffany He wanted to meet ASAP to explain
Tiffany He didn’t want me to go home today
Tiffany He said you might be ..dangerous
Mom Ha! Dangerous
Mom He cheats on me and then has the nerve to call me names.
Mom He really was an idiot
Tiffany …where is dad mom?
Tiffany What did you do to him?
Mom I really tried to keep you out of this Tiffany
Mom But I guess it’s too late
Tiffany Where’s Dad??
Mom Dad’s in the basement
Mom I told you not go down there didn’t?
Mom God he was such an idiot
Mom An affair!Can you believe that?
Mom After all I did for him?
Mom I couldn’t let him get away with it
Mom I killed him just as he was writing you that text
Mom I guess he didn’t die right away…
Mom …if he still had time to slip his phone into blankets.
Mom Must have been when I was washing the blood off my knife
Mom But he deserved honey
Mom He made a fool of me!
Mom A mockery of our marriage
Mom Now let’s throw the phone and the baby into the lake together
Mom Then we’ll both go back and get rid of dad’s body
Mom Tiffany?
Mom Oh honey…I can see you in that bush
Mom You can’t hide from mommy
Tiffany Hi dad
Tiffany I feel a little crazy doing this…
Tiffany Knowing you can’t answer me…
Tiffany But…I want to respond to your text
Tiffany The one you were never able to send
Tiffany I’m so sorry about what happened to you
Tiffany I’m sos sorry about what mom did
Tiffany I wish I cold have somehow saved you
Tiffany I don’t know how I’m going to go on without you guys…
Tiffany But dad…I’m so disappointed you had an affair.
Tiffany Even if you no longer loved mom…it wasn’t right
Tiffany Anyway it’s too late for regrets
Tiffany I just got back from mom’s funeral
Tiffany I didn’t want to go but…
Tiffany I can’t get the images from that night out of my head.
Tiffany Jessica shot mom in cold blood…
Tiffany Then turned the gun on herself…
Tiffany Everything happened so fast
Tiffany Jessica was…
Tiffany She wasn’t looking for her baby that night
Tiffany She had no intention of living after you were gone
Tiffany She just wanted to take mom with her in revenge
Tiffany The baby…your daughter..she is doing well
Tiffany I am never going to tell her about any of this
Tiffany I don’t want you to worry about her
Tiffany She’s my sister
Tiffany I’ve named her Sweetheart


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Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

Below you will find the story of Hooked Where is She Part 2 Full. This is a famous app in which you can read different times of stories. Its better than losing your time in social media apps.

Hooked Where is She Part 2 Full

Tiffany I can’t hear the baby anymore…
Tiffany God it’s cold down here
Tiffany And so dark I can’t see a thing.
Mom Well you shouldn’t be going down there!
Tiffany Mom will you cool please?
Tiffany Oh great.The light on the stairs isn’t working.
Tiffany Just my luck!
Mom Please be careful…
Tiffany I’m fine,I’m using cell phone light.
Tiffany Geez,I haven’t been down here in a long time
Tiffany This place is really creepy…
Mom It’s just a basement.
Mom A place for people to store their junk.
Tiffany So WHY would dad bring a newborn down here?
Tiffany It’s so dark and cold.
Tiffany Something doesn’t feel right.
Mom What do you mean?
Tiffany Idk…something’s just…off.
Tiffany Ugh abd there’s a terrible smell!!
Tiffany What are you and dad keeping down here?
Tiffany I’m literally gagging.
What do you see?
Tiffany Nothing but boxes right now.
Tiffany I’m heading away from the smell…
Tiffany I feel like I’m going to be sick.
Mom I wish you would have waited for me.
Mom Really didn’t want you in the basement.
Tiffany Too late.
I’m going to check the laundry room…
Tiffany Oh well this is great.
Tiffany The light in here doesn’t work either.
Tiffany What the…
Tiffany I think I see something moving.
Mom What is it ?
Tiffany I don’t know
Tiffany It’s on the floor by the washing machine.
Tiffany WTF
Tiffany I’m going to move closer
Mom Please be careful…
Tiffany OH MY GOD
Tiffany It’s the baby!
Tiffany She’s swadied in blankets but she’s freezing!
Tiffany Why would dad put his baby on a cold cellar floor?
Mom If it means that much to you…
Mom Put her in a safer spot and then go upstairs
Mom Leave her be until I get there
Tiffany I’m ot leaving my sister on a concret floor in the dark!
Mom Stop calling her that!
Mom That baby is a mistake!
Tiffany Maybe so but she’s a human being.
Tiffany She could have killed herself down here!
Tiffany And she’s clearly terrified!
Tiffany I’m seriously disgusted with dad’s behavior
Mom It’s not your problem
Tiffany This is his problem!
Mom Don’t worry about dad right now.
Mom Concentrate on staying safe
Tiffany I’m bringing her upstairs
Tiffany Who knows if dad bothered to feed her.
Mom Jessica may hear her if you take her upstairs
Tiffany She already knows the baby is here mom.
Mom Just like your father
Tiffany BTW
Tiffany We really need to do something about this basement.
Tiffany It’s creepy as hell and smells awful.
Mom Close the door so the smell doesn’t get into the rest of the house
Tiffany I did
Tiffany I’ve got the baby
Tiffany I hope she doesn’t start crying
Tiffany I don’t need that crazy homewrecker trying to bust down the door again.
Mom What’s Jessica doing now?
Tiffany Hold on,let me see if I can find her…
Tiffany She’s in the backyard sobbing
Tiffany She’s repeting dad’s name over and over
Tiffany She is really lost
Mom She deserves those tears
Mom Tiffany I’m sorry
Mom I’m just…still a little hurt over everything
Mom I shouldn’t take it out on you and the baby
Tiffany I understand
Tiffany This can’t be easy for you
Tiffany Neither of us should have to deal this
Mom Hopefully Jessica will stay put until the police arrive
Tiffany Where are the police?
Tiffany I feel like it’s been forever
Mom I know but just hang tight
Tiffany Does dadjhgj;fjgfjg
Mom Huh?
Mom Tiffany?
Mom What’s going on?
Mom Tiffany honey answer me
Tiffany OMG mom
Tiffany Please help us
Tiffany Jessica was in the Kitchen window
Tiffany Staring at us
Tiffany Then she just opened her mouth…
Tiffany And started screaming
Tiffany  ran to the attic to hide
Tiffany I’m scared mom
Tiffany The look in her eyes
Tiffany There’s something wrong with her
Mom I now honey
Mom Your father and I have been trying to deal with it ourselves
Mom I’m so sorry that in now affecting you
Tiffany The baby is screaming
tiffany I don’t know what to do
Mom Keep an eye on Jessica
Mom Don’t lose sight of her
Tiffany I’m looking out the attic window but I can’t find her…
Tiffany She’s not in the front or backyard
Tiffany I hope she left
Mom Don’t let you guard down
Mom Jessica is a sneaky one
Tiffany She can’t be in the house
Tiffany I would have heard something
Tiffany Maybe she’s off crying somewhere again
Mom I’m passing Luke’s grocery
Mom I’ll be there in a few minutes
Tiffany The baby’s calmed down
Tiffany Mom I have to call the police
Tiffany Maybe they have the wrong address
Mom They don’t
Mom I’ve talked to them twice
Mom There must be something holding them up
Tiffany Wait…
Tiffany I think I hear footsteps on the roof
Tiffany Holy crap
Tiffany My heart is going a mile a minute
Tiffany I can’t breathe
Mom Get out of the attic
Tiffany It’s her
Tiffany She’s by the window
Mom Tiffany RUN
Mom Get out of the attic
Mom Tiffany??
Mom Oh God honey what happened?
Mom Please answer me
Tiffany It was her
Tiffany She shot through the attic window
Tiffany She started climbing inside
Tiffany I ran downstairs and out the back door
Tiffany Now I’
Tiffany now I’m hiding in the backyard
Tiffany Mom I can’t deal with this
Tiffany I’m beyond freaking out


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Hooked The Watcher Part 5 Full Story

Below you will find the story of Hooked Where is She Part 1 Full. This is a famous app in which you can read different times of stories. Its better than losing your time in social media apps.

Hooked Where is She Part 1 Full

Tiffany Do you hear that?
Mom Hear what?
Tiffany There’s a baby crying
Mom I’m not home
Mom Wait until I get back
Tiffany It’s coming from the basement
Mom Don’t go down there Tiff
Tiffany What?Why not?
Mom There’s something about your father I haven’t told you
Tiffany Mom, there’s a baby. I can hear it
Mom Honey,please ignore it until I get home.
Tiffany How am I supposed to do that ?
Tiffany It’s getting louder…
Mom Don’t go down there.
Mom I’m warning you.
Tiffany OMG MOM
Tiffany Are you not grasping the situation here ?
Tiffany There is a random baby crying in the basement!
Mom I know.
Mom Just stay in your room.
Tiffany Hold on…I think it stopped.
Tiffany I don’t hear anything.
Mom Good.
Tiffany I’m going downstairs to check.
Mom Tiffany please stay upstairs and wait for me!
Tiffany Mom,I’m not staying upstairs!
Tiffany I want to know what’s going on.
Mom You’re so stubborn,just like your father.
Mom Tiffany?
Tiffany It stopped.
Mom What?
Tiffany The crying. It just stopped suddenly.
Tiffany I’m putting my ear up ti the basements door…
Tiffany It’s totally quiet down there.
Tiffany Something doesn’t feel right.
Tiffany Why would the crying just stop?
Mom I don’t know the answer to that.
Tiffany Do you know why there’s a baby in the basement?
Mom We’ll talk when I get home.
Tiffany Mom why are you being so elusive?
Tiffany I want to know what the hell is going on .
Mom Soon
five minutes late
Tiffany Are you coming in or not?
Mom Huh?I’m still about 20 minutes away
Tiffany Didn’t you just pull in the driveway?
Mom no
Mom Why would you think that?
Tiffany I heard a car door slam about five minutes ago.
Mom That wasn’t me.
Tiffany WTF?
Tiffany It must be dad.
Tiffany But why wouldn’t he come in ?
Mom It’s not your father.
Tiffany How do you know?
Tiffany I’m going to look outside
Mom Please be careful…
Tiffany It’s a white car…
Tiffany I don’t see anyone,though.
Mom Is it a small white car?
Tiffany Yea looks to be.
Mom Tiffany listen to me…go back to your room!
Mom Lock yourself in!
Tiffany What?
Tiffany Why ?
Tiffany Do you know whose car that is?
Mom Just go
Tiffany OMG wait…
Tiffany I think I see a shadow inn the window…
Tiffany It’s a woman
Mom Don’t let her see you!
Mom She is crazy!
Tiffany Who’s crazy?
Tiffany Mom who is that?
Mom What Is she doing now?
Tiffany I don’t know…hold on.
Tiffany Let me look outside…
Mom Please be careful…
Tiffany Crap!
Tiffany She saw me!
Tiffany Now she’s pounding on the front door!
Tiffany She’s crying and screaming dad’s name!
Mom Just ignore her.
Mom It’s going to be OK.
Mom I’m almost home.
Tiffany How is this OK?
Tiffany There’s a random baby in the basement and now there’s a psycho woman at the door!
Mom I’ll explain when I see you.
Mom Just don’t answer the door or go into the basement.
Tiffany Mom,I’m scared.
Tiffany She’s knocking really loud.
Tiffany She keeps screaming where is she ?
Tiffany Is that her baby in the basement?
Mom I’ve called the police.
Mom Make sure all the doors are locked.
Tiffany OMG!
Tiffany I think she’s trying to break into house!
Tiffany Is she on drugs or something?
Tiffany Her hair is all wild and…
Tiffany OMG
Tiffany She’s covered in blood!
Mom I’m about 15 minutes away.
Tiffany Where is dad?
Tiffany He’s supposed to be here by now!
Tiffany And why aren’t you answering your phone?
Mom I’m in a cab and I can’t talk.
Mom It’s going to be OK Tiffany,calm down.
Tiffany Oh God she has a rock!
Tiffany She’s going to break window!
Mom The window will hold.
Mom It would take a lot of force to break them.
Tiffany This is insane!
Tiffany I wish the police would come!
Mom Mommy’s coming home soon.
Mom She’ll take care of it.
Tiffany Wait…she stopped.
Tiffany I don’t hear anything.
Tiffany Maybe she’s leaving.
Mom Keep the door’s locked.
Tiffany I just looked out the front window.
Tiffany I don’t see her but her car is still here.
Tiffany How did you know who it was?
Tiffany Who is she ,mom?
Mom Someone your father knows.
Mom I knew nothing of her until recently.
Tiffany I don’t understand.
Tiffany What aren’t you telling me?
Mom Today was a very bad day.
Tiffany Why???
Tiffany oh great now the baby is crying again.
Tiffany I have to go down there.
Mom Don’t you dare Tiffany.
Mom It’s not safe!
Mom Go hide until I or the police get there.
Tiffany I can’t wait for the police they’re taking too long already!
Mom Honey please.Stay put!
Tiffany Mom I’m freaking out here.
Tiffany I have to do something.
Mom There’s just…
Mom There’s so much you don’t know.
Tiffany Well,tell me!
Tiffany I don’t understand what’s going on.
Mom I didn’t want you to know
Tiffany Know what?
Mom What your dad did.
Tiffany What did he do?
Tiffany How does he know this woman?
Mom I don’t know how they met but…
Mom They both regret it now.
Mom What happened is irreversible.
Tiffany can you give me a straight answer please?
Tiffany Whose baby is that in the basement?
Mom Your father’s.
Tiffany what?
Mom A little girl.
Tiffany What the hell do you mean it’s dad’s baby?
Mom He’s been having an affair.
Mom I didn’t want you to know what happened today.
Tiffany Dad?An affair?
Mom It was a mistake.
Mom At least that’s what he told me.
Mom I didn’t want to tell you and disappoint you.
Mom He tried to break it off with her…
Mom But she went crazy.
Mom Threatened to kill him…
Mom He become worried for the baby’s safety so he took her.
Tiffany Are you freaking serious?
Tiffany So that’s his mistress at the door?
Mom Yes that’s Jessica.
Mom She’s obsessed with your father.
Mom I was hopping she wouldn’t take it to this level.
Tiffany Dad is such a bastard!
Tiffany I can’t believe he’d do that to you.
Tiffany And now I’m the one dealing with this crap!
Mom I know.I’m sorry Tiffany.
Tiffany Is that he’s been staying at hotels recently?
Tiffany I know you two haven’t been getting along…
Mom He was worried Jessica would follow him home and harm the family.
Tiffany wow.
Tiffany This is terrible.
Tiffany Are you OK?
Mom I am now.
Mom I feel much better.
Tiffany Oh no…
Tiffany I can hear her again…
Tiffany She’s walking around the side of th house…
Tiffany She keeps saying where is she ?
Tiffany She knows her baby is here!
Mom Go look from the upstairs bathroom.
Mom Get away from the ground floor.
Tiffany OK
Tiffany I can see her…
Tiffany Omg Mom
Tiffany I think she has a gun!
Tiffany omg omg omg
Tiffany Where are the police?
Mom On the way.
Tiffany That poor baby!
Tiffany I can’t let that psycho woman find her.
Mom Tiffany what did I say?
Mom Do not go into the basement!
Mom It’s for your own good.
Tiffany I have to do something.
Tiffany I’m not hiding in the bathroom while my sister screams for help.
Mom Tiffany
Mom For once you will listen to me.


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