Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers. This levels is part of the newly added pack of Crossword Quiz game. It’s developed by Conversion LLC and it also has a daily puzzle for you to play.

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers

A= Across
D= Down

1A: Black Sox

3A: Tigers

5A: Slang for a ground ball: Grounder

7A: Wood

8A: The National Baseball Hall of ___ and Museum is located in Cooperstown, New York: Fame

9A: Main character of a baseball themed poem by Ernest Thayer: Casey

1D: Box

2D: The world’s first multipurpose domed sports stadium located in Houston, Texas: Astrodome

4D: When a pitch is missed, or not swung at by the batter, and the ball crosses into the strike zone: Strike

6D: “Field of ____” is the second baseball film starring actor Kevin Costner: Dreams

7D: Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched: Whip