Crossword Quiz Games Level 8 Answers

Crossword Quiz Games Level 8 Answers. This levels is part of the newly added pack of Crossword Quiz game. It’s developed by Conversion LLC and it also has a daily puzzle for you to play.

Crossword Quiz Games Level 8 Answers

A= Across
D= Down

2A: In some games you are rewarded for a …. but in real life the punishment is life changing: kill

5A: This childrens board game will have you hating chutes and hoping for a …: ladder

8A: Used to say that one team or person is competing against another: versus

9A: Battle tactic similar to blitzkrief in which speed and surprise are used to defeat an enemy: rush

11A: A tile-matching puzzle video game published by Popcap Games: zuma

13A: monopoly

1D: billiard

3D: Two truths and a …. is a fun icebreaker game to play with a group: lie

4D: There is a card game named after this State in America: texas

6D: Tom clancys the …. (ubisoft title): division

7D: risk

10D: The difficulty level of a game required for a begiNner: easy

12D: You must yell this to announce to your opponents that you only have one card left: uno