Crossword Quiz Random 2 Level 6 Answers

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Hello Folks! Please find below all Crossword Quiz Random 2 Level 6 Answers, Cheats and Solutions. A very popular game developed by Random Logic Games who are also known for other extremely fun and popular games such as Guess the Emoji and Symbology. Without losing anymore time we are sharing with you all crossword quiz movies solutions as shown below.

Crossword Quiz Random 2 Level 6 Answers

  1. Image: LANGUAGE
  2. Bird that cleverly grabs its prey: HAWK
  3. Activity of interlocking wool or yarn together: KNIT
  4. Used to make pottery and ceramics: CLAY / Image: COURTROOM
  5. Image: INDUSTRY
  6. A birds home: NEST
  7. Aromatic plant from the Mediterranean: SAGE
  8. Image: ROUND
  9. Book in which records are kept. Also means something you do in order to go to college: REGISTER
  10. High position or station in the social or military scale: RANK
  11. The type of luck you get if this happens on your wedding day is often debated: RAIN
  12. Another word for capital: MONEY

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