July 22 2018 The Guardian Speedy Crossword Solutions

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  • Experience which inflates a person’s self-importance (3,4) crossword clue
  • Glaze; jellied garnish (5) crossword clue
  • Saigon, as was (2,3,4,4) crossword clue
  • Solution of sugars, salts and minerals in plants (3) crossword clue
  • Permanently-installed bathroom sink (9) crossword clue
  • Diminutive (of a female) (6) crossword clue
  • Open to, or concerning, the people as a whole (6) crossword clue
  • Caver hero (anag) (9) crossword clue
  • Grazing area, meadow (3) crossword clue
  • Indulgent fantasy (6,2,5) crossword clue
  • Auguste —– sculptor of The Kiss and The Thinker

    (5) crossword clue

  • Holds back; restrains (7) crossword clue
  • Cultural values of a person or group (5) crossword clue
  • Engross; obsess (6,3,4) crossword clue
  • Precipitation product (9) crossword clue
  • Religious teacher, ‘elder’ in New Testament Greek (6) crossword clue
  • Shade of blonde (3) crossword clue
  • Horizontal markings on ships used as a guide to displacement levels when loading (8,5) crossword clue
  • Of the practice of preserving human corpses by deep-freezing (7) crossword clue
  • Rebuffs; acts of ignoring (5-4) crossword clue
  • Propose; present for acceptance or rejection (7) crossword clue
  • Derive or receive pleasure from; have a taste of something (6) crossword clue
  • Vast, extremely deep chasm (5) crossword clue
  • Barbarous invader and pillager of the early Middle Ages (3) crossword clue