June 24 2018 The Guardian Speedy Crossword Solutions

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  • Gives evident signs of pleasurable anticipation (5,4,4) crossword clue
  • Sudden uncontrollable attack (8) crossword clue
  • Ship, along with the Santa Maria and Pinta, that sailed with Columbus in 1492 (4) crossword clue
  • Electronic fault or defect (6) crossword clue
  • Material associated with Nimes, southern France (5) crossword clue
  • See 3 Down crossword clue
  • Comrade-in-arms of Roland – or Stanley? (6) crossword clue
  • Author of History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita)

    (4) crossword clue

  • Professional person’s business (8) crossword clue
  • Conversely (2,3,8) crossword clue
  • Female opera star, usually the soprano (4) crossword clue
  • Barely make things last (3,3) crossword clue
  • Be discarded; become obsolete, redundant (2,2,3,5) crossword clue
  • Sordid; disreputable (5) crossword clue
  • Of hair, between pale gold and light chestnut (6) crossword clue
  • Brazier, for example: Shoot! (4,4) crossword clue
  • Asian lot (anag) (8) crossword clue
  • Accumulated earth and stones left by a melting glacier (7) crossword clue
  • Pattern of movement or sound (6) crossword clue
  • Apprentice (6) crossword clue
  • Small particle (5) crossword clue
  • Rein in (4) crossword clue