Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 10 Answers

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 10 Answers. This levels is part of the newly added pack of Crossword Quiz game. It’s developed by Conversion LLC and it also has a daily puzzle for you to play.

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 10 Answers

A= Across
D= Down

1A: Staple off-speed pitch thrown to look like a fastball but arriving much more slowly to the plate: Changeup

4A: Period of the year in which regulated games of baseball are in session: Season

5A: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage: Cheat

6A: Hit

8A: Consecutive sequence of won games: Streak

1D: Covelli Loyce “____” _____ is an former baseball player whose name sounds like a cereal: Coco Crisp

2D: Giants

3D: Flag flown specifically by the National or American League championship team of a given season: Pennant

4D: Exciting play in baseball where a player runs to the next base before someone hits the ball: Steal

6D: Home

7D: Hat