Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers. This level is part of the newly added pack of Crossword Quiz game. It’s developed by Conversion LLC and it also has a daily puzzle for you to play.

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 5 Answers

A= Across
D= Down

1A: Material used to make bats for younger non professional baseball players: Aluminum

5A: Baseball player who can bat both left and right handed: Switch

6A: One of the two leagues of Major League baseball that fields an All-Star team: American

7A: Tobacco

9A: Material from which the baseball glove is made, with webbing between the fingers: Leather

1D: Player having a high level of performance nominated to a special team that only plays once a year: All Star

2D: Umpire

3D: Hitting for ___ ___ is the accomplishment of one batter hitting a single, double, triple, & home run in the same game: The Cycle

4D: American former pitcher known for his mustache, 6’10” height, and nickname “The Big Unit”: Johnson

8D: Bat