Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 8 Answers

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 8 Answers. This level is part of the newly added pack of Crossword Quiz game. It’s developed by Conversion LLC and it also has a daily puzzle for you to play.

Crossword Quiz Baseball Level 8 Answers

A= Across
D= Down

1A: Swing

2A: The first word in the abbreviated term L.O.B.: Left

3A: Teams who visit for reason of competition: Visitors

7A: Extension of a baseball game in order to break a tie: Extra

8A: “The Georgia Peach” was an American MLB outfielder who spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers: Ty Cobb

9A: Misplay by a fielder that allows a batter to reach base or a runner to advance: Error

1D: Volume of space through which a pitch must pass in order to count as a strike: Strike Zone

4D: October

5D: Player designated to play when the game begins: Starter

6D: Catch