Crossword Quiz Food Level 1 Answers

Crossword Quiz Food Level 1 Answers. We are sharing with you the answers for the newest released packs of Crossword Quiz game by Conversion LLC. Each pack has 10 levels and we will share all the answers for each of them on our site so make sure to bookmark and revisit our website.

Crossword Quiz Food Level 1 Answers

1A: Warm liquid food: Soup

4A: Natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food: Appetite

6A: How your body breaks down food: Digest

9A: Sharp utensil used for cutting: Knife

10A: Ginger

1D: Snack

2D: Juice

3D: Wheat

5D: Pudding

7D: Greens

8D: Stove

9D: A green fruit with a brown skin and black seeds: Kiwi

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