Crossword Quiz Winter Level 7 Answers

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 7 Answers. We are sharing with you the answers for the newest released packs of Crossword Quiz game by Conversion LLC. Each pack has 10 levels and we will share all the answers for each of them in our site so make sure to bookmark and revisit our website.

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 7 Answers

1A: Many people put them on their house during the holidays: LIGHTS

2D: O’ ___ Night: HOLY

3D: When snow starts to melt: SLUSH

4D: Used to help keep the fire going: FIREWOOD


5D: An arrangement of notes and lyrics: MUSIC


7A: When something becomes warm enough to melt: THAW

7D: A glittering yarn used for decoration: TINSEL


9A: A platform mounted on runners used for traveling over snow: SLED

10A: A sweet scent popular among candles: VANILLA

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