Crossword Quiz Winter Level 8 Answers

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 8 Answers. We are sharing with you the answers for the newest released packs of Crossword Quiz game by Conversion LLC. Each pack has 10 levels and we will share all the answers for each of them in our site so make sure to bookmark and revisit our website.

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 8 Answers

1A: A group of people who love spending time together: FRIENDS


3D: Main kitchen appliance: STOVE

4A: Heating device that uses pipes and steam: RADIATOR


5A: To be far away from other places, buildings or people: ISOLATED

6D: Main protein on Thanksgiving: TURKEY

7D: White birds that represent peace: DOVES

8A: One of Santa’s reindeer: DASHER


10A: What you use to roast marshmallows: FIRE

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