Crossword Quiz Winter Level 9 Answers

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 9 Answers. We are sharing with you the answers for the newest released packs of Crossword Quiz game by Conversion LLC. Each pack has 10 levels and we will share all the answers for each of them in our site so make sure to bookmark and revisit our website.

Crossword Quiz Winter Level 9 Answers

1A: This word describes a division of the year, marked by changes in weather: SEASON

3A: Fluffy white frozen water vapor: SNOW

5A: A tiny tree often used as incense and perfume: MYRRH

7A: Cinnamon and nutmeg are examples: SPICE


10A: Strong blast of wind: GUST

1D: This is often put on top of trees during the winter season: STAR

2D: When you are so cold you lose feeling: NUMB


4D: The fermented juice of grapes: WINE

6D: Green leaves with red berries: HOLLY


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